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Good Morning Mr. DeAngelis, I found on my living room tile floor this morning a flat white/grayish flat bug/worm and I was freaked out! I looked on line under Bugs and found a picture that looked very close to what I have. It seems to be a worm type bug with seems like the head is on both sides of the body. The black head pops out from both sides and it crawls like a worm or snail. I first thought it was a small piece of paper on the floor. Its gross! Where does it come from? Is it harmful to humans? Should I be worried and call an exterminator? The name of the bug on the website said it was 'Worm inside cacoon hanging on wall'. Can you give me more information on it?


I'd need to see a photo to be sure but it sounds like you have a plaster bagworm. This is a type of clothes moth (see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/clothes_moth.html for info). Plaster bagworms are fairly common in warm climates. They can damage natural fabrics under some circumstances but are basically harmless.

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