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QUESTION: Small black, 3 segmented, bug biting. Falling from A frames tall bedroom ceiling. Not bed/bat bug. Can't find on line. Don't know how to treat

ANSWER: Heidi,

This is a beetle, possible one of the stored product beetles that infests stored foods. Since these beetles don't normally bite I'm wondering why you believe these are biting. Could the bites be caused by something else? Post a follow up.

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: This is what she found in her bed. And on the floor and she swears she's been bitten.

There are many things that can be mistaken for bug bites. The usually culprits are allergies or physical irritants (such as fiberglass insulation). Here a list of insects and mites that bite http://www.livingwithbugs.com/unknown_bug_bites.html and some causes of mysterious bites. I would explore some of these other possibilities and focus less on bug bites, at least until there's good evidence that a bug is involved. Sorry I can't be more specific.

Jack DeAngelis

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