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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/Bugs living on my scalp tiny stone like grit they hop


QUESTION: The last 3years ive sufferd with this
Not getting anywere with dockters they
Say theres nothing wrong with me
I tell them theres something living on my
Scalp .
Im desprate i dont know who to talk to im going
I feal something move on my scalp all the time
They seam to fead in the dark or the lights go darker
When i run my fingers through my scalp the moving stops
When i stop they move again ive looked in a mirror a magnifying
One i see tiny things moving i go and grab it it hopps further in to the hair
Ive tryed evreything conditioner and a nit comb what ever they are
They stay on the scalp
Some of the ones they grow they no bigger than a seasame
Seed i touch it it jumps or runs realy fast
This morning i fealt loads of them comeing out ot the hair folicle
Like a ants nest once disturbed they realy hurt when they bite
I went to see a dermotologist he tells me no no thers nothing
Living on your
Scalp i aint going mad theg are ther please help please
Thanks xxxx

ANSWER: Some people have very sensitive skin and can feel the air moving across their skin, which moved their hair and makes it feel like there is something alive.  Try wearing a hat or scarf to keep the slight movement of the air from moving the hair.  Good luck.

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QUESTION: Thanks for replying today ive pulled off my face
Tiny tiny pin head things it was biting
Me reay hurts  
I let it go on a surface and it was defantly
Moving i try to touch it it jumped away from me
With a lice comb and conditioner had the same
From my head  i cant get rid of them
Today loads come onto my scalp
They are defanatly coming from the hair folicles
Please something run fast what id combed
Off my scalp it was the size of a sead with
Like anteners inthe front of it i tryed to catch it
To put it in a pot it jumped like a flea  i do have
Pets its not a flea i frontline the dogs i have to
I also have a coockato
Please help me i need to know what will kill them
And what they are please thanks tanya x

ANSWER: Put some of the bugs into a Ziplock bag and take them to your dermatologist.  He will need to see them under a microscope to see what they are and will tell you how to treat them.

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QUESTION: Thanx again for replying i do appreaciate it
Ive realy had no luck with a answer
To what these bugs are
Is there a plase in swansea or one of the
hospitals i can see a entomology
That i can see one in person
To show her the bugs that ive liced combed
Away or see a speacalist in private
What ever it is is walking on my scalp now
And aare now biting my scalp
When they bite they realy hurt ave you
Got a suggestion on what i can
Wash my hair that will get rid of them dermotologist
As not helped me a tall i took a live bug that id
Comb off my head he told me that thers nothing
There pleasse help me thathnx tanya xx

you need to catch some of the bugs in a plastic bag, seal the bag, and take it to a health care professional who can look at them under a microscope.  Dermatologists specialize in this.  Take them to a dermatologist.  Many area also have public health officers employed by the government, but they usually don't have microscopes.  

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