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Hi Jack,

You answered a question directed to you in 2009 about bugs that were everywhere in a lady named Marie's home.  I believe I have the same bug problem.
The ones in my hair start off so small and they are whitish brown.  It's hard to tell them from my dandruff, but they are round and can be slightly hard. I kept seeing them on the table and counters and chairs, my cloths and on the dash board of the car and just everywhere.  
I belive they have different stages because I believe they seem to change color and appearance (sometimes they are elongated and more tan in color and even some are black and round)and somehow they get on other people as well when they are whitish.  
At first I thought they were lice because twice I have seen something like a little knit at the end of my hair follicle, so I used the lice products several times and these things are still here (I also use medicated dandruff shampoos).  I can feel them move more when I settle down to sleep and relax at night so much that sometimes I am unable to sleep (they are not bedbugs,I've seen pictures and had the exterminator in twice who saw no evidence of bedbugs).  I decided to look through a magnifying glass and it happened to be in the summer, and the sun was shining in the window, and I saw this thing moved. When they are on the table and other places in the house, they don't appear to move, but under that magnifying glass it did.
Anytime I've mentioned them to a doctor, they won't even look at what I brought them to view, they immediately think it could be a sexually transmitted situation, until I tell them that I have not been involved in over 10 years. Still they won't examine what's in the plastic bag. I still used the medication they suggested and no change.
I've been dealing with these things for longer than I want to and I can't seem to get anywhere.  I clean with bleach, there is no mold, I bathe and wash my hair regularly. I have changed the different filters in my car and still these things collect and blow out of the vents in the car.
I don't have a digital camera to take pictures to show you and I don't want to move to another place and take them with me either.  Also, I can't just get rid of my car!  I am so tired of not being able to get rid of things.  The description from Marie's mail, sounds too much like mine to ignore. Please help!



I don't recall the question from 2009 but I've gotten a number of similar ones over the years. As I have told others there simply are no insects or mites that do what you describe but there are many things that can be mistaken for bug bites, or the "crawling" sensations. Allergies are probably the most common cause but physical irritants and even drugs can elicit these symptoms. My best advice is focus less on finding an insect or mite and more on some of these other possibilities. I'd definitely discuss the possibility of allergies with your MD.

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