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I went camping recently in the Mohican forest in OH. There I encountered the largest bee I've ever seen in my life. I didn't realize what it was until I started looking around for info. The Cicada killer and European hornet look similar, but not exactly like the one I saw. The one I saw had these 3 eye looking things on it's forehead, which I'd never seen on a bee, wasp or hornet of any kind. It wasn't until I got to see and compare all these different wasps and hornets, that I realized what we encountered was a Giant Asian Hornet. They are the only thing I've seen that has that feature, the rest, while maybe similar, did not have that feature. It's behavior was also different from all the other bees and such I've ever encountered. I don't suppose you would know what's up with those eye looking things on it,do you? Also, if these things are as dangerous as people are saying on the computer, does this mean our bee ecology is about to drastically change over the next several years as they take over and kill off the other species? I've always found bugs and bees very interesting, but these hornets are just creepy, stalking bugs and I'm a little freaked out by them. I'm glad I didn't get stung, now that I know what it was, but can it eventually take over all our other bees? When I try to look up more info on them, I keep getting put back on news about china, but there here too and I'd like to know a little more about them. If you don't know, do you know where I can go to find out? Much appreciated, Donna. ps-I didn't get a picture, I forgot my camera this time. sorry

Hi Donna
This is an invasive species and they prey on other colonies. Nature tends to balance things out however and there is most likely a parasitic wasp that will prey on this hornet. Getting upset over invasive species is non productive. It is a buggy world basically controlled by insects.
If google the Giant Asian hornet you should find a lot of sites.

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