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Oct 12, 2013
Oct 12, 2013  
QUESTION: Will you please identify this, if possible?  Itís just under an eighth of an inch.  Exoskeleton or actual dead bug?  Found it in my bed.
Thanks so much,
Rick Gallup
Kirtland, Ohio


This is what's left of a beetle. Hard to id in this condition, looks like it has been dead for awhile. Might have been a cucumber beetle based on the spots (see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/cucumber.html). Nothing to be concerned about.

BTW, are you the photographer R. Gallup?

Jack DeAngelis

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Yes, I'm the photographer.  I also have a small country art gallery and picture framing place in Kirtland, Ohio.  www.rickgallup.com

My wife and I visited our son in Austin last spring.   He was having a bed bug issue.  We've been hyper bug conscious ever since.  Thought one might have hitched a ride home with us.  Still not sure, but did everything we could to bug-proof the house.

The best evidence for a bed bug infestation is to find the bugs themselves, or their droppings (see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/bed_bug.html for ways to detect them). With all the media hype these days folks are way too worried about bed bugs then the bugs warrant (imho). Contact me if you have concerns.

I have an interest in photography (b&w film, med-format, amateur) and though I recognized your name.

Jack DeAngelis

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