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Is there any record of how Many species of insects have been recorded so far in India alone.

Dear Arun Prasad,

Interestingly there is no record of how many species of India have been identified as of now. In fact how many insect orders are found in India is also unsure. Only record I found is "In Phylum Arthropoda (which consists of all insects, spiders, crabs, etc.) India has 6.13 percent of total species recorded so far in the world (60,383 species out of 98,3744) (ZSI, 1991)." Even this report is outdated.

You asked a very valid question and I'm myself surprised to see this huge lacuna in our documentation of insects - I will put the number anywhere between 1000 to 10,000. But we will never know for sure mostly because studies like these are scattered and restricted to particular areas only.

Apologies for not being able to answer your question.


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