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It started two months ago. I started getting bit but couldn't see anything. Going crazy. Spent 1000.00 on bombings and pros. No one ever heard of them. They look like salt and pepper. The salt ones have a little hook at the end and will attach themselves to you skin and then they tend to turn into what appears to be skin on your body until you scrape it off. They float down from all over my house. Had professionally cleaned. No luck.
The others are little black dots who tend to bite and then burrow for blood. Very very tiny but destructive. No pesticides worked. I almost drove my car into a tree the other day just dreading coming to my newer home. My skin is getting all scarred up from bites and might sell house. What to do. I have some dry and possibly dead samples. Live in AZ. Can I take them to someone?


The folks in the Entomology Dept. at ASU would be able to look at the samples. Unless you are near Phoenix the easiest thing would be to contact your county Extension office (extension.org) and they will be able to send the sample to ASU.

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