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praying mantis cocoon
praying mantis cocoon  

praying mantis
praying mantis  
In June, I witnessed a praying mantis cocoon hatching. Since June my husband and I have seen about 15 adults around our yard; and we have found 9 cocoons in various spots in our yard. We live in the suburbs in Michigan. We're wondering if this is common or very unusual. We've always known that the praying mantis insects are kind of rare to get to see so many. We are so curious and just don't know what to think. Please respond to our curiosities.

 Hi Sandra
I am teaching an entomology class this term in Ohio and we have seen a lot mantids in a small area. It looks like good year for them so it looks like you hsave more then usual. If you have other cocoons that have not hatched make sure they are in a shrub or bush to assure that more will survive. The young will start eating each other as soon as they hatch

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