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I just call it the "blob"
I just call it the "bl  
I don't know if these are bugs, but they infested my chair, they are on or in my mattress and they get on my dog.  They get on me and ITCH like crazy.  The best way to describe it is these are clear (or with a yellowish tinge), gel-like (looks like buggars, sorry), egg-shaped things with no legs that I can see.  They almost look like larvae. With them (or wherever they are, are these tiny black "dots".  I know my explanation isn't that great, but it's the only way I can describe them. They like me, and they feel like they are moving around and they make me itch.  I know it's not my imagination because when I'm away from home, I don't have these problems.


I can't see the image clearly but it does not look like an insect or mite. Could it be wax from your skin? Sometimes irritated/itchy skin produces waxes. My guess is this is an allergy, perhaps to something in the house. An OTC allergy medication might help. Here's a list of insects and mites that bite people plus some things that mimic bug bites:

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