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My question is "could you please stop saying springtails don't go in human skin"?  I was bitten on shins on 17/2/2012 from the carpet at a St. John's first aid course I attended in southport, qld.  I have suffered with them ever since.  I'd like to let you know that one if the hardest parts of dealing with them is the denials from professionals that it's happening.  
Whether you believe me (pest controller confirmed samples from my bedding and nostril) or not doesn't matter, what you need to believe is your comments make things harder. Those websites with people like me suffering, exist because we exist, yes the opportunists have put in the advertising, but mostly it's people like me trying to find something that works, and sharing what doesn't.  Hopefully, in my lifetime, scientific researchers will have the kahunas to admit publicly what I believe they already know.
Thank you for your time


I am concerned about this. My concern is that people are being distracted and exploited. I have no axe to grind, if there was any evidence that springtails were ectoparasitic I'd gladly help to disseminate it. If the data was clear it would then be fairly simple to get a drug company to find a very profitable (for them) treatment. Unfortunately there is no good evidence (ie controlled scientific trials) of ectoparasitic behavior in springtails. Furthermore, there is no reason why scientists would withhold the data if they had it.

I really do hope you find a solution to your problem but attacking me or the scientific community won't help.

Jack DeAngelis

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