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Just yesterday I was outside washing my vehicle in the driveway beside a holly bush, and was suddenly bitten by something very tiny. It happened several times before I moved my vehicle to continue the carwash and get away from the bugs.

Then today wherever I was bitten has now turned to large, red, itchy welts.  And apparently I was bitten far more times and places than I knew.

At first I didn't notice these bugs on me because they were so tiny but once they bit, it felt more like something stinging me.

These tiny bugs were about the size of a "chigger", dark black, round as a dot, and I couldn't tell if they had wings or how many legs because of their minute size. I have never seen these bugs nor experienced such an intense bite before. And because of their round shape, they looked like a beetle of some sort.

I looked online and ruled out "no see ums" because what these bugs were were completely round like a beetle, they were not a fly.

If it helps, I am located in Southeastern Michigan.


Since there are no small beetles that bite like this it must be something else. Here's a list of the insects and mites that bite people and some things that can be mistaken for bug bites. Look the list over and see if anything seems to fit. Post a follow if you have questions or can get a picture of what bit you.

Jack DeAngelis

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