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For two months now we have been dealing with tiny black bugs invisible to the naked eye. We finally caught some in a glue trap. They are so tiny that to really see them I had to use a magnifying glass. They have two antennae a head and a thin body and wings. We had a few that were a little larger that we submitted to Teeminix and they could not identify them. We are getting ,what I would call, stung by these insects. It's a very sharp pinch then it goes away. Terminix came in and said we had fleas and sprayed but we had no flea bites and have no pets. I live in western Pennsylvania and have searched the Internet for this bug. One exterminator said it was a flying ant but told me they wouldn't bite. We are stung under clothing and on exposed skin. Please help! I have a son and am worried about pesticides.


There are no insects that exactly fit your description. Here's a list of insects and mites that do bite people and some things that can be mistaken for bug bites If you have actually caught something I'd take it to you county Extension office ( and they will send it to PSU for id.

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