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Think I've finally identified this tiny creature from the pictures and info provided by you in an answer to someone else.  
I wondered if they were a carpet larvae worm/beetle.  There appears the larvae type worm and tiny hard shell beetle in the same area.  I finally took pictures and was then able to match it up to picture posted here.
Asked our Pest control company; gone thru 3 different companies no one really knowing what they were.  Finally last one thought it may be carpet beetle larvae as they have it also.
Live in Arizona.  Have some carpeting, some tile.  Have cats.  Feed cats outside as well.  
These little worms appear to be affected by weather.  more so in summer when hot, not so much in winter when cooler.
They also like the dark.  They appear around the food dishes in the house where there is carpet as well as near wood furniture and hide under the dishes;  crawl quickly away from light.
Outside they appear under the food dishes.  Pick up dishes, they immediately head for under kip of house.  Not easy to kill other than stepping, squishing them, etc.  Water sometimes drowns them.  Along with these little guys which range from the size matching a finger nail to about inch is a tiny hard shell black bug/beetle like creature.  These crunch when killing them.  

They just started appearing a few years ago.  We didn't always have them, especially in the house.  Were outside at some point, then eventually started seeing them in the house.    Was after I took pictures I saw they looked little different than I thought.  

Believe though I saw there is no real solution to get rid of these things, no pesticide, nothing a pest control company can do?  We eventually will be taking up all carpeting and putting tile of some sort down.  Will this help get rid of them?
i've searched everywhere on the internet so Thank you.


These are carpet beetle larvae (see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/carpet_beetle.html for more pictures). These beetles are most often associated with some type of dry food like cereals or dry pet food rather than fabrics. Most carpets nowadays are made of synthetic fibers which these beetles can't eat. The best option is to locate the source of the infestation (food storage areas or areas where food might spill) and dispose of infestation. See the page cited above for other treatment options.

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