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I've noticed some bugs that live on the floor & jump like a flea, but they are rounder, a little taller & not shiny like the fleas I have seen on pets before. I haven't owned pets recently. I never had flea bites when I did own pets, but these bugs do bite on me. The bites do not itch, hurt, leave a raised bump, and only stay red for less 24 hours.
I have vacuumed and sprayed almost daily for 3 weeks now. Someone who owns cats visits often, though.
My mother says the bugs are very much like what she knows as 'brulots' in French, that they are seasonal bugs and very hard to get rid of because they come from outside.
The flea-like bugs live in the kitchen/living room and are not in my bedroom and do not bite frequently.

 Hi Sherry
You have described Collembola or Springtails.But sprintails cannot bite so I do not know what is causing your rash. If it becomes troublesome you should see a dermatologist. Springtails thrive on moisture so keeping things dry will get rid of them.

I forgot to add: In French Brulots are mosquitos

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