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What are these on my ipad pouch
What are these on my i  
QUESTION: Walter Sir,
I have suffered from this and research fruitlessly for what these are the last 6 months to a year.  I don't even know what to call them.  I will accept they are not pest, not insect, not bug, then what are they?  I saw a doctor a few months ago, because I had told her I do drink, she has concluded that tehy are products of imagination.  I am writing to you in sound mind and perfect health condition.  Many pest control companies had come out and when shown what I see on the times after times, concluded that they are debris or food particles.  I know they are neither debris nor particles.  I know it is not an imagine feeling and I can feel their movement inside or under my cloth when I am infected.  The itch is very real and clear.  The bites hurt and leave red marks, thought not as severe as what I saw from bed bugs in my research.
One of the object that I found on the floor and on my clothes, times after times, on a daily basis even, i have never see in my research the last 6 month to a year, after reviewing countless pictures on Google.  They appear at first to be lint from clothes but they are not lint I am certain, in a shape and size of a grain of rice, with long, very long hair sticking out.  The hair are like whisker of a rat, curve but firm and very distinctively belong to and on them. The others objects are on the attach picture here.  This was taken a couple days ago.  I have just taken a morning shower, feeling fresh, sober, fully alert.  Grab an ipad on the charger, where I always get infected, immediately the crawling starts.  I knew right away the velvet pouch for the ipad, kept inside a pocket of the ipad is infected.  Pull it out, cleaned thoroughly the night before, now look like this:

Thank you for your time and answer,

ANSWER: Hi Patrick; I get questions like a lot and so far I have never evidence of insects. The photos you sent do not show insect characteristics They look to like debris of some kind. In most of the cases I encountered the problem was an allergic reaction. You mention a doctor but you should see a Dermatologist.
 I am sure this is a medical problem and not an insect problem and I am not qualified to give you any good answers


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I accept your answer as an allergic reaction 100% as I have heard it over and over during all these times.  Furthermore, I must believe there is no insect there as there is no insect there.  Are you able to say, as an expert, that these are live organism, whatever their scientific classification is and if they are only debris, why are they moving under my clothes?
This is not a feeling or a reaction, I can feel their movements on different areas of my body.  I strongly believe that regardless of how many doctorate one's having or how high an level an expert, one can not argue what other experience is a feeling and only the person that experience it can describe it as a feeling or a real, physical movement on their body.  This is my biggest struggle next to a scientific classification for this group of 'debris'.
In any case, I thank you for your time Mr Hintz.
Patrick, Irvine, California

I cannot identify a live organism unless I can see a live organism. the photos you sent do not indicate any.  I cannot explain the feeling of something crawling on you.  It is fact however when some people see insects like ants crawling around they they feel something crawling on their skin. These feelings are real. It would seem to that when you feel something crawling there  on you and when you look there is nothing there the sensation is illusory

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