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Flying pest
Flying pest  
I've tried to find out what type of flying pest I have invading my apartment.  I attached a picture that hopefully you can identify.  I have a few other pictures I can send if needed.

I live in southern Michigan.  It looks like some kind of fruit fly maybe but I've not been able to find any pictures online of anything that matches.  I've been told by Orkin that it's a flying ant but it definitely doesn't look like any flying ant picture I've ever seen.

They are really small, about 3 cm in length or less, and don't bite but they are horribly annoying, jumping around almost as much as they fly.  They appear to have one or two hairs pointing out of the rear of the body that the picture doesn't show well.  They act almost like a gnat in behavior.

They frequent the kitchen, living room and bathroom but have left the bedrooms pretty much untouched.

They are not attracted to apple cider vinegar, which I read was something fruit flies would be attracted to.

Thank you for any help you can give.

This definitely a fly. Did you  mean mm in size? Three cm is over an inch. There are so many species of flies that I will need  other photos and meanwhile I will see about these.
You should ask Orkin for your money back. Anyone who cannot tell a fly from an ant should not be charging money. These exterminators drive me crazy.

I did some preliminary checking and If the size is really mm instead of cm these could be a species of fungus gnat. Do you have live house plants?

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