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Spider victim
Spider victim  
Mr. Hintz,

A little while ago I noticed a horde of what appeared to be engorged bennd bugs .125" in diameter hanging around outside my house. The only thing is, these things fly. The things group in creases of (for now thanks to house spiders) outdoor furniture. When smashed they have a pungent oder and are filled with red and yellow fluid. I have yet to discover one that is not "engorged" nor have I been bitten by one. There is a covered pool on the property, as well as a few sheep and horses  if that helps with ID.

I really appreciate your help and your response would put my mind at ease. Thank you.



I cannot be sure from the photo but it shaped like and behaves like the Asian ladybird beetle trying to find a place to hibernate. if they can find a place to enter the house they will do so.
I suggest leaving those. outside alone. They are valuable predatory insects. If hey get inside vacuum them up

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