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black small bug
black small bug  
black small bug
black small bug  
I'm Jakme and live in Long Island, NY. Yesterday morning I found a black small bug on my pillow and killed it, thinking not much of it. Then later in the evening, I found two more; one on my bed and another on my pillow and I thought to myself it must be a bed bug. I cpuldn't sleep at all because I was so paranoid about it being a bed bug, that same night I found one more walking on my wall. This morning, I found two on my pillow, one on my bed, two on my sister's bed, one on her pillow, (we share a room by the way), basically I found a few around areas near our bed. I only two that weren't black, they were a clear like color, looked like they were in an early stage. I took a photo of one on the wall. I just want to make sure if it's bed bugs and if it not, how can I get ride of them? They haven't bit me or my sister. I've checked for red spots/bites bcause I know bed bugs give those off. Thank you. x

ANSWER: Jaime,

Can you get a closer (more magnified) image. It does not really look like a bed bug but I can't see it clearly.

Jack DeAngelis

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black small bug
black small bug  
QUESTION: Hi, Jack. Yes of course, here's a closer look of the picture.

It is not a bed bug but there's not enough detail to id much further. The shape is aphid-like. If there's a plant nearby check the stems for dark-colored insects that might be aphids. See http://www.livingwithbugs.com/aphids.html for more about these insects.

Jack DeAngelis

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