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Small black bug with wings
Small black bug with w  

Small black bugs with wings
Small black bugs with  
Hi jack. I have small black bugs with wings that are all over screens of my windows. They have been coming in and biting my daughter who is one. The bites look like Mosquitos and itch her very bad. When I killed it after biting her it smeared black and had some blood in it. Should I be worried? Do you happen to know the type of bug this is? I want to call pest control but also would like to be specific so I will not waste money. Thank you for your help :)


These look like black flies (see for more about these flies). These small flies are extremely annoying biters. They develop in flowing water so if you are near a stream or river that's where they are coming from. Repellents work but screening is the best long-term solution. Post a follow up if you have questions.

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