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QUESTION: Wrote to you back in Sept. and you basically told me my bites were in my head...take a look at the pics. still getting bitten even more since sept. what is this???? HELP!!


ANSWER: Angie,

I've never told anyone that skin lesions like these were "only in their head". You may have interpreted what I said that way but that's not what I said. Lesions like these can be caused by many, many things but there are only a small number of insects and mites that bite. So, unless you can capture an insect or mite you are much better off searching for another cause such as allergy or contact dermatitis.

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: Okay..well, my husband and I have tons of these bites all over our bodies. We've been to an allergist and passed with no allergies. We've been dealing with this for 5 mos. something is biting us and we can't find it...I'm a professional and not delusional...I thought by sending the pics. you could maybe determine what it is...so, can you tell me where I should go, who to call...dermatologist, infectious d. Dr.? I'm done with living like this!

ANSWER: The lesions look fairly old and somewhat inflamed, possibly from infection from being scratched. If they are bites from, for example, bed bugs you should be able to find the bed bugs (see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/bed_bug.html for ways to find and identify bed bugs). The other possibility is some type of contact dermatitis. A dermatologist would be able to treat the itch and lesions but may not be able to find the cause. However, if the symptoms are treated that may be more than half the battle. Sorry I can't be more specific but without something to id there's not much I can do.

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: I would first like to thank you and apologize to you for saying it was in my head. An update to this is...I brought a vial to our local vet of an almost microscopic "thing" off my black pants...it ends up we have red spider mites. Can you please advise as what steps to take from here...? I thank you so much Jack...



Spider mites feed on plants so I don't think that they are the cause of the lesions. The spider mites might have been picked up off a house plant or anywhere plants are growing. Has a dermatologist been able to give you something for the rash/itch? I still think treating the symptoms may be your best option.

Jack DeAngelis

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