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Hey there,

I forgot my sports bag in the office with my (clean) clothes inside it. Today I found a bunch of eggs inside my bag (around 10 or 12) and they were clinging to my clothes. The eggs are the size of a grain of brown rice. I've attached a pic. A couple of them had hatched and the larvae were jumping. They can jump many inches high. So can you please identify the species? I'm just afraid that it might be a dangerous pest such as bed bugs or anything that bites and hides :) And yes, there was also an orange in the bag which had slightly rotten on the side if that helps.


Hi Adrian
 These look to me like the maggot and Pupae of a fly of some sort. The bottom photo looks a pupal case not an egg. If you break one of these open you should find a developing adult insect. My guess is the pupa and maggot of Ceratitis capitata, The Mediterranean Fruitfly. They would be breeding on the orange. Whatever this bug is it is not dangerous.

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