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While sleeping at a friend's home in the country ( in Australia ) I woke up feeling thirsty and went to the kitchen to get a drink. The place was alive with cockroaches and I observed the strangest thing. A group of cockroaches as many as thirty in number and varying from miniscule to adult in size had formed themselves into a ring facing each other and were, for want of a better description, dancing, first some steps to the left and then some to the right and this kept up for quite a time. Strangest thing ! Is this a known form of behaviour for the insect and what does it mean ?

Thankyou so much.

Hi Paul
Dancing roaches is something I have never seen and I have raised Cuban and Madagasgar hissing roaches. I did some research and could find no account of such a thing. I am in the dark the same as you. I will ask around among some of my colleauges however


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