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Hello I work at a retail store and just found this spider in a box of freight. It was dead and looks to have shed also. It is a large spider with long legs and I dont believe it to be native to the west coast as ive never seen one like this but I could be wrong. I was thinking maybe it came from over seas. The package said made in china but who knows with the way things are shipped. I have attached a picture and hopefully this will help. P.s. The spider was dead already.....thank goodness as it scared a customer and employees. The spider was found here in klamath falls Oregon 97603. Thanks for your time


This spider is certainly not native to Oregon, it looks like a tropical species. Spiders are pretty common in shipments so I would not be too concerned about this one. The folks in the Zoology museum at OSU might be able to id to species if you can get the specimen to Corvallis.

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