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Unknown Insect
Unknown Insect  
Patient presents with red well circumscribed skin lesions measuring about 2-3 cm. Patient feels that these lesions are caused by this insect photographed by the patient. Location is Los Angeles, California. Could this insect bite and cause the lesions?
Thank you.
Leo Gordon, MD

Dear Dr. Gordon:

The insect in the image is a Tropical House Cricket, Gryllodes sigillatus .  Here's more:

This insect is now common throughout the southwest U.S.  I am not aware of this insect inflicting bites or lesions, though crickets in general can certainly bite if handled roughly.  I might suspect a kissing bug, genus Triatoma , in the assassin bug family Reduviidae:

or, possibly bed bugs (some people can react badly to their bites), or any number of other biting creatures that can blunder into homes.  I'm surprised the patient did not notice the offending creature immediately, which makes me suspect either a nocturnal blood-feeder, or some other malady manifesting itself as a "bite" wound.

Hope this helps.


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