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Hi my name is rita I live n bakersfield California and I need help with my home I.festation. their are little white Fuzzies all over my house, especially in my clothes! Iv washed them over n over with extremely hot water and still can't get rid of them! When I roll them between my fingers about 10-15 tiny tiny eggs pop ou. I'm sending a picture with tiny eggs on my hand. Then their are like caccoons they look like little peices of rolled up toilet paper all over my carpets. We vaccume n still can't get rid of them! Please help me my family thinks I'm crazy and want to lock me .up!! And just within the past 3 days 8iv seen theise tiny black llints so I downloaded a magnify app on my cell n this is what it looks like. Can u please tell me Wat they are? Thank you.

Hi Rita:
To start with I do not believe you are crazy. But unfortunately I can not see anything from these photos that appears insect-like, neither in either photo.
This does not mean that these are not insects. I just cannot see enough detail. Do you see any damage or have you been bitten

Entomology (Study of Bugs)

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