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This spider has taken residence in the corner of where the walls meet above a door to the backyard, inside our house.  He stared in the laundry room and moved.  He has been in the house now about 3 weeks.  I have a few questions.  Can you tell me what type it is?  I live in Southern Oregon.  Does it bite?  (I know most don't).  Can I move it outside and will it survive and if so where should I move him?   Is there anything (other than live insects) I can feed him?  this time of year I fear there is nothing for him to eat that is in the house.  Any other advice to keep it healthy would be appreciated.  Enclosed is a pic.  Its body is about 1/4" and as in his picture from tip of front legs to tip or back it is about 1.5 inches.  Thank you.

Hi Jeff
I wish I could see more of the pattern and eye arrangement but from the fact that it was in a laundry room and the body shape I feel sure that it belongs to the Family Lycosidae, the wolf spiders. I have handled  spiders all my life, including wolf spiders and have ever been bitten. These spiders are hunters and eat only insects and other invertebrates. Do not be  too sure there is no food in the house. Almost all houses have silverfish and house centipides favorite prey of the world spiders. Personally I would just leave it alone. If it cannot find food it will go somewhere where it can

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