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Hello, Since my sister moved to Fl. 3 yrs ago she continually gets bites..We don't  see anything or get bitten ourselves ,although ,we have lived here over 50 yrs.. She shows me these bites ,they are 3 little (head of a pin size ) bumps, that she said are extremely itchy and hurt to the point of keeping her awake..after a day or so there is a pinkish slightly raised area..the little bumps sometime multiply and 3 more little bumps appear close to the originals...WHAT  ARE THESE??  Thanks for hopefully an answer...Joan

I suspect that these bites are not insect related. If something is biting you should be able to see what is doing it. Furthermore your sister is the only one affected. Insect bites or not this is a medical problem and your sister should show these bites to a dermatologist.  This could be an allergic reaction

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