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i just found a little tiny bug about the size of the metal pen tip that sticks out, it has a RED head, 6 legs though it looks alittle hairy so it can seem to have more....they are very fine and only appears to be seen when looking at it on the sides. after the read head it has a black strip before the center part of its body is covered in white strips that goes from side to side. then a black rear end. the black rear end appears to have two white stipes that go from the tip upwards of its body. its underside is all white along with its legs.

WHAT iS IT?? i live in oregon, i found it in my bed room floor., the body does not look like a beetle but has more of a worm or rolly polly look or millipede look. flexable but shell. no wings no antannes.


This is the larva of a dermestid carpet beetle. See http://www.livingwithbugs.com/carpet_beetle.html for more pictures and control info. These beetles and larvae are very common and harmless. If you start seeing lots of larvae it may indicate an infestation in the room, probably in stored food.

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