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I recently found a 2 inch long brown, furry egg sack on my wall. I did not know what it was and when I wiped it off the wall I found there to be small white eggs surrounded by a vivid green goo like substance. At first I thought it was a hornets nest, however, I saw that this was an enclosed sack and looked furry on the outside, like mould. Was wondering if you would know the origin of these eggs? I wish I had taken a picture of it, but I had no idea that it would be eggs inside there. The egg sack appeared overnight. I am living in Australia if that makes any difference.

Looking forward to hearing from you so I can call my landlord out with a specific problem :)


Without seeing this I can only make a guess. Not very many insects will deposit eggs on the wall like this. Spiders come to mind but the sac you describe is much too large. The other possibility is that these were left by a moth but I cannot tell you what kind Jess
If you see another take a photo and if you do not I would say that a single one is not a problem

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