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QUESTION: Hello! My mother and I live in northern Ohio and have these brown/grey colored Beatles around our house. The Beatles have an armor shaped back that's flat with spots on it. What are these called and why are they around now when it's cold? Where are they coming from and how do we get rid of them? Thank you!

ANSWER: Jennifer,

I'd need a photo to be sure but I think you are describing the brown marmorated stink bug (not a beetle). See http://ento.psu.edu/extension/factsheets/brown-marmorated-stink-bug for pictures and life history. They are harmless nuisance pests only. See that page for life history and control as well. If this is not what you are seeing post a follow up.

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: Hello! Yes, that's the bug. How do we get rid of them and when do they go away? Thanks

It is best to just sweep them up as you find them. Since they enter homes in the fall and leave in the spring (see the bulletin from Penn State) any that are in walls now will be there until the weather warms up this spring. They behave like boxelder bugs, see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/boxelder.html for more prevention and control suggestions.

Jack DeAngelis

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