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QUESTION: I have been having a problem with this bug in my bathroom and sometimes in my kitchen and hallways; but mostly in my bathroom in the tub and on the floor near the toilet. They look like they are coming through the water drains.

It looks just like the picture that Christy posted.

Please help! I am so frustrated with these bugs/beetles.

Thank you!

ANSWER: H trinity
I answer a lot of questions and  cannot find the post from Christy . Can you tell when Christy posted the photo or better yet send me a photo

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Little black bug
Little black bug  
QUESTION: Attached is the photo.

ANSWER: I have been searching this insect Trinity and it is very strange. I have to consult a colleague because I have not seen this before. Meanwhile treat your drains with  a strong drain cleaner and see if this gets rid of them

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QUESTION: Thank you! I look forward to hearing what you find out about them.

I hope I will have an answer for you next week. Did you treat the drains as I suggested

I have discussed the bug with a colleague and all I can tell you at this time is that it is a beetle and is not coming from the drains. It is most likely in the bathroom seeking water. To identify it further we will need to see another photo of you can send us one, preferably on its back so we can see the rest of the legs

Good News and Bad news
Good news. WE  have revised our identification with the help of another bug guy and we we are sure we know what this is.
Bad news: It is a immature cockroach so you have a roach invasion. It probably started in the kitchen. Purchase some boric acid powder and diatomaceous earth and spray it in the cracks and corners in the kitchen. Clean out the cupboards. Avoid hiring exterminators until you try to get rid of them yourself

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