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I was on the island of Roaton recently.  I was wearing flip flops and stepped on an area of grass that was very soft and squishy feeling.  I noticed several of what I thought was small ants.  We brushed them off and I noticed a slight irritation on my feet but it went away in a few minutes.  Five days later at home, in the middle of the night my left foot especially started itching like crazy.  It would not stop and was painful.  My left foot especially was bright red and there were several red welts, mostly around the bit toe.  The pain and itching went on for days.  Shoes were very irritating and it was hard to walk. I finally went to the DR. And he said I had an infection.  He gave me Bactrim and a steroid cream.  The cream didn't seem to help the itching.  It took several days to finally get under control.  The itching has stopped, but the bites are still there and there is still a large red area around my big toe where most of the bites were.  Do you have any idea what it may have been, why there was such a delay before the pain and itching began, and if there is anything else I should be doing?
Thanks for taking my question.

Hi Jodi
I probably cannot help much because this is a medical and I am not an MD. My guess is that bites were from Fire ants. Infections from fire ant stings are unusual. I feel that a return to a Dermatologist is in order.
I hope things improve for you

I checked and fire ants are common on this Island and so are Army ants

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