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black beetle in bedroom
black beetle in bedroo  
Sorry- I forgot to attach my picture last time!

Original question: Can you please help me to identify this bug I've been finding all over our bedroom? They are tiny, black beetles that are attracted to light, or anything light-colored (like the white comforter). I'm not sure if they fly or not, but they do seem to congregate in the ceiling lights (has a dome that they fall into and die). They don't bite, are really slow moving and don't seem to do much. 6 legs, 2 antenna feelers, and black/dark brown hard-shelled body.
Thank you for your time!

Hi, Kati:

Thanks for including the image with your question....Oooh, nice fingernails :-)

Ok, the insect is a beetle in the family Anobiidae (or Ptinidae, depending on which authority you consult), and it is either a "Cigarette Beetle" or "Drugstore Beetle."  Here is more information on each:

These beetles have been spread to all corners of the world through commerce, so they can turn up anywhere.  Chances are you have an infested product somewhere.  You should find it and discard the item.  Store vulnerable foodstuffs in glass or metal containers with tight-fitting lids.  The beetles can chew through cardboard and plastic easily to get to what they want.

Hope this helps.  Just about any ".edu" or ".gov" website about these insects will give you valid information and solutions.  Stay away from commercial websites from pest control services.  The beetles themselves pose no real health threat, but their presence can sometimes indicate fungal growth, which *can* be a health problem.

Good luck!


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