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Hi I hope you can help me I have an issue with these tiny bugs coming in my bathroom. I have no idea what they are or why they are comming in. They seem to be comming in through the extractor fan and I think small cevices. Im hoping you could tell me what they are, they are very tiny about 1mm in size some are white and are brown, ive only seen them crawling and they seem to cluster together. Ive included an image its not great its the best i can get on my camera phone.


I can't see these clearly enough to be certain but from your description I think these could be clover mites or mold mites. Take a close look and see if you can detect what will look like long antennae, these are actually front legs and you have clover mites coming in from outside. If you can't see any long legs then these are likely mold mites (see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/mold_mites.html for drawing). Mold mites are associated with damp, moldy conditions. Post a follow up if you have questions.

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