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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/Something that's on my granite counters, plastic shelf, under vinyl on helmets etc...


Door knob
Door knob  

Granite counter
Granite counter  
Hello... Not sure what to do or whom to contact. Well first off our granite counters have black masses on them as you can see in the picture.The that's a little raised. If you scratch it it comes off but has what I call guts. It's all over on the granite. Then something that looks spiderish when you push it out. Underneath the vinyl on our motorcycle helmets along the edges... Plastic shelf in Garage (which helmets use to sit on is infested with a spider looking thing that seems to have molded with the plastic.. Also in screws.. Like in the pick. Phillips screw is clogged with guts.. Sometimes it's hard matte black looking and if you poke it , it becomes runny kinda red then like jelly. Our ovens and underneath the inside if our microwave. In tge cupboards etc... What are these things? Is it one culprit doing everywhere or do we have a few different things .. By tge way tge ones inside the underneath of the microwave are rust colored when squished.
We live in Dallas, Texas... We just need to know what to do to get this stuff gone.. They are everywhere in the screws up and downstairs. Nothing in the counters in the bathrooms up stairs. But the black plastic on the bottom if the faucet in the half bath on the main floor has some kind of spiderish thing it it as well.

Thank You,

Hi Kerin
From my vantage point there is not much that I can suggest except that a fungus comes to mind but what kind I do not know. I do not recognize this as insect related but I could be wrong. You need someone to come and physically examine this stuff. When you clean it up does it come back?
Let me know if you find out anything

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