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mystery bug pic
mystery bug pic  

mystery bug pic 2
mystery bug pic 2  
I have resent the pic, I hope it goes through this time.  Also, upon further inspection of the bug...  as the bug got more comfortable it began crawling all over the container I have it in. We noticed some things about it.  The outer rim of the bug lifted slightly as it walked.  We could see that it has a total of 6 legs and a tiny head that was only visible if it was stretching out with what looked like pincers made of hair?  The head however reminded me of a kind of aphid.  Anyways, I hope the picture helps.  We are a nature loving family and constantly googling things to find out what they are and this one had me stumped.  Thanks Again!


Ok, the images are of the larva of a green lacewing.  More about them here:




Some carry debris on their back to conceal themselves from potential predators.  They can bite, so handle carefully, but note that they are voracious predators of aphids :-)


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