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I have these bugs all over my basement and especially notice them along the floor boards.  A lot or them have died but there are definitely plenty of live ones.  I noticed them last year but only one here and there and they were pretty much gone this winter however in the recent weeks they have been coming out in droves.  I live in Saint Paul MN and I would love ot know what these bugs are and if there is anything I can do to get rid of them!

Hi Karissa;
These are Isopods,small crustaceans with a lot of common names. They are called sowbugs,potato bugs, doodlebugs, pillbugs and woodlice. They thrive on moist conditions are usually die when the enter a house. You will have to find out how they are getting into the basement. With no energy source they will die. You can try a pyrethrum based spray along the baseboards.

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