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When I was a kid, about 45 years ago, I was driving in the hills above Malibu and noticed, there were so many tarantulas walking across the road.  In fact, there was a tarantula every six inches for miles and miles.  They were in the bushes, on the road, in the dirt, they were everywhere.

The next day they were gone and I've never seen another tarantula in the wild since.  I've spent all these decades wondering what happened and nobody else saw it except me.

What was that?

Hello Matthew,

Thank you for the great question! You saw a tarantula migration. Once a year, in the fall, male tarantulas that are about 7 years old will come out of their holes and migrate very long distances looking for mates. They usually die during this time, but hopefully not before they mate. The females stay in or near their holes and live much longer. It is pretty uncommon to spot tarantulas in the wild unless they are migrating males. If you see a lot of them migrating at once, it is easy to assume they are traveling together-- however, they are on a solo mission.


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