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Flying Insect  
QUESTION: So last summer I found this spider chilling on the house. I was thinking he was apart of orb weaver family. But he seemed increasingly aggressive or I just made him mad by picking him up.
I can tell you non poisonous since he ended up biting me, but he was about quarter size.

Also during that summer I found this flying insect, I thought he just seemed a very large crane fly. This one was about 2 inches long, but had some orange on it's body.

And if it helps, I live in Wisconsin.

ANSWER:    Hi Kaitlin
The spider is a common Orb weaver of the Genus Araneus
The crane fly is a Giant Crane fly from the Genus Tipula

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QUESTION: Also during that summer, I came across this paper wasp? There was an old tree  from what I could see had a bunch of wasps flying around it, but I couldn't get close enough to see if it was the same specie. Size was around an 1-1.5in, maybe bit bigger.

ANSWER: I believe this wasp belongs to the Genus Polesties

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QUESTION: Okay sorry another one, but tonight I noticed a yellow sac spider in the corner of my room ceiling. I've heard they are poisonous and I have a pet bird. I captured it and threw it out into the snow, hoping it will freeze. Is that type of spider dangerous to have around?

Sac spiders do have a venom that is worse then many other spiders In fact they are the culprit when people claim brown recluse bites. Like all spiders they do not aggressively seek out humans or birds to bite. Throwing it out was probably a good idea Kaitlin. Send all inquires that you want. This is what I do

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