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QUESTION: What do aphids contribute to ecology apart from being food for other creatures?

ANSWER: Aphids are first order consumers feeding of plant materials and are at the base of the energy pyramid. Some are also groomed by ants who place them on plants and "milk them" for food

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QUESTION: What are the differences between a spider and a scorpion?

There are obvious differences in body structure of course. Both have eight legs but the first pair on the scorpion are pinchers and the scorpion has the tail stinger. Spiders have different ways to feed biting the prey liquefying the body parts. They feed then on liquids. Scorpions grab the prey with the claws and slowly bite off the parts and swallowing. I had a pet Emperor scorpion. I watched it eat crickets. Two tiny claws come out of its mouth and it tears the cricket apart.
The manner of catching prey is different with spiders stalking the prey of using silk. Scorpions us their claws.

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