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Black bug
Black bug  
A few nights ago I woke up with several bites. The following two nights I have awoken with many more bites. First thought was bed bugs, however I have examined and find no evidence of them. (Yes I know they can hide in walls too)  last night I felt something on my face and grabbed it. It was a black bug that doesn't look like bed bug. I left it on the counter for my husband to look at but he threw it away not realizing what it was. I just found another one crawling on my pillow. Can you please Id it and tell me if you think this is what has been biting me?


This is a beetle, possibly the black carpet beetle, see this page about a related species (varied carpet beetle) or google "black carpet beetle" for more pics. These beetles do not bite so something else must be going on. Here's a list of insects and mites that bite people and some things that often mimic bug bites: Post a follow up if you have questions after looking over this list.

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