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Golden brown bug
Golden brown bug  
Dear Jack, For over 18 months my dog and I have been getting bit by a tiny black bug that is in my bedding, clothing, anything material in the home, sofas etc. No one else in the home is affected. I have thousands of photos and wanted to know if you are available as a consultant to review what I have and help me get to the bottom of this? Here is one photo, but as you know so many stages to a bugs life. Please get back to me. My email is , phone .

I am a disabled woman who is about to lose her home over this and don't feel I can go anywhere else because they are everywhere and I can't seem to get rid of them no matter what I do. Cleaning, exterminators, etc. spent money until I am broke.

From all the photos it seems I have many types of bugs and don't know which could be affecting my doggie and I. Colors are white, black, golden brown and gooey looking ones. Here is the gooey looking one. These were found by me in my carpet along with what looks like a bunch of larve.

Thank you for your assistance.
Tina Williams


I'm sorry but I don't do any consulting. The image appears to be a psocid, common name booklouse. These insects are not related to true lice and do not bite. There are in fact only a few insects and mites that bite people but many things that can mimic bug bites (see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/unknown_bug_bites.html for a list). My guess is you are experiencing one of these other causes such as allergy or physical irritant. All the cleaning and exterminators have not worked perhaps because the cause is allergy. Something as simple as food allergy can cause symptoms that are remarkably similar to bug bites. Sorry I can't be more specific but talk to your MD about this possibility.

Jack DeAngelis

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