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Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I have clover mites that have been identified by an exterminator. It started two years ago. I am starting my 3rd year on my service plan. The mites do come onto my windowsills but I do dispose of them so I don't have a problem in the rest of the home at all. The exterminator puts dust in the siding and puts granules around the house which I will wet if it does not rain, (supposed to expand# I have tarp and red stone around the perimeter of my house and no plants or shrubs or grass near the foundation. Nor do my neighbors. Any trees are several feet back #10-15?# and are young ones. My neighborhood is maybe 5 years old. No one else is having this problem. There is sun in the areas that I have them. #3 rooms only.) but no plant or grass or shrubs that would draw them to my home. I don't know what to do to get rid of them for good. What else can be drawing them to my home? any suggestions for me or for my exterminator would be greatly appreciated. Where can we look for a nest, eggs or the source that is attracting them to my home so it can be treated properly. Would power washing the house help, or picking up the stone and cleaning it out. I weed all the time and not much comes through the tarp anyway. Help!!!

Hi Jodie
I have read over this question a few times and really do not now where to begin.  You will likely disagree with me and not like my answer. First of all you say the the mites are kept out of you home so you do not have a problem with them in the home. Also they have been outside for two years and you are starting you third year with an exterminator. There are two problems with this. First of all, any legitimate exterminator should be able to get rid of a mite infestation in  a week IF in a controlled environment like the house or on a specific tree or plant. Trying to control bugs in the environment is senseless. And if he has been treating the exterior of you house and mites are still coming then the treatments are not effective. He is spreading toxins in the environment to no effect.
You ask about a nest? An exterminator should know that mites do not nest. They are all females and they lay eggs in cracks and various places.
 This is why exterminators just drive crazy. Most of them know nothing about entomology and in your case I am not even sure if these are clover mites
 Here are my suggestions that I said that you would not like.
 Show the exterminator the door and stop paying him for a job that is not being done
 Rub a bar of soap in the Window cracks and mites cannot get in under the windows
I am a biologist and have been studying and teaching for almost sixty years and I an an expert in entomology so you can believe me or not.

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