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QUESTION: I'm from Sweden and took this picture in Tulum Mexico. I hope you could tell me at least the family it belong to?
I tried to search to search the internet with no result before i found this site. I have some other unknown insects on flickr but i' m most interessted in this strange one:

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ANSWER: Dear Lars - Your butterfly is in the family Nymphalidae (brush-footed butterflies; I believe that it is one of the subspecies of Adelpha naxia - see http://tinyurl.com/bu6nyvh for an example. This species is quite variable in color pattern.

Hope this helps,

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Mexico insect
Mexico insect  
QUESTION: Thank you for your quick and good answer but something went wrong.
The link to flickr I sent should point to an other insect. I tried the link before I sent the question and after the reply and it works for me? I will attach the picture this time.

I took several pictures of this kind of butterfly in different sizes and patterns when in Mexico so I'm grateful for the answer.

Sorry for the trouble.

Best reagards


Dear Lars - This is a nymph of a bug in the family Fulgoridae (Hemiptera/Auchenorrhyncha). I believe that it is in the genus Scolopsella - see http://tinyurl.com/bovrypx for a similar specimen (likely not the same species as yours)/ Nice photo, by the way!
Hope this helps,

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