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Double set of wings
Double set of wings  
I was hiking in the Santa Monica mountains and this flew under my shirt and started to sting/bite me.  It was in the morning yesterday.  It flew.  It has a non-segmented body and two sets of wings.  The legs are not longer than the wings.  There appear to be short, antenae and eyes on the head and a brown band below the head.  Do you know what it is?  I would like to send you an image of it even though it is a bit mangled.  Thanks.

Sorry to submit again.  I didn't see how to upload image until now.  Thanks.


Ok, well, it is a "snakefly."  Here is more information:

I have never known them to bite, and even if you think you saw a long "stinger," that filament is the female's egg-laying organ, called an "ovipositor."  It is not used in self-defense.

These are harmless insects, indeed beneficial because the larvae are predatory on bark beetles and other pest insects.


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