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Have lived in home built on slab in suburb of Atlanta, GA, for past 6 yrs.  Until last year never before seen (in 50 yrs of living in area), small dark brown bugs (sometimes more lt. grey than brown) in home.  Insects are less than 1/4 inch in length, oval in shape (tapering toward head), have 6 legs, antennae nearly as long as 3-part body, no wings.  Crawl very rapidly when disturbed, but often just sit in place.  Body seems to have head, thorax, and tail divided by two lt. brown either horizontal "stripes"or just visible body divisions.  When crawling, often seem to lift head and tail sections up. Not able to get photo since so small.  Sometimes kill as many as 20+ in one day (and those just ones happen to see) in bathroom area located on corner of house.  Start to appear near end of Feb. & continue until mid/late-summer.  Need identification, where likely coming from, whether dangerous or harmful & how to get rid of or prevent.  Roach traps seem to have no effect on them.  Haven't been able to spray with general-purpose insecticide since asthmatic and have small indoor pet.  If these are just one stage of an insect, need to know what they mature to be, please.  So far have been unable to identify in on-line insect photos.  Light or time of day don't seem to have any effect on when they appear. Nothing in particular seems to attract, unless am unable to observe.  They are just "there".  Pls. help.

The most likely cause are carpet beetles.  Try googling "carpet beetles" or "household pests" or "pantry pests" to see the most common annoying bugs.  Totally harmless to people if that's what they are.  If that doesn't get results, post a sketch and indicate overall length in millimeters (or inches) and colors.

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