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A few months ago we started seeing very small (about the size of the head of a pin) black hard shelled bugs in the bathroom. We would see one every few weeks around the sink area. I would rinse it down the sink and it would seem to crawl back out! This past weekend we noticed a few more in the bathroom, but realized they were all over the kitchen floor. Some of these are a little larger. They were mostly around the base of the cabinets, but also around the dog's water dish. In just a few days I am seeing them on the counters and in dishes I take out of the cabinets. We haven't had any crawling on us and they aren't in our beds or on the furniture in other rooms. Please help!

Hi Brenda
I an sure these are pantry pests or dermestid beetles. They breed and feed on dried foods like cereals and pet food and the are probably in your kitchen cupboards. Empty you cupboards and check everything. Discard any infected foods, including the dogs food Wipe out the cupboards and use a pyrethrum based spray in the cracks. Let me know what happens. They also could be carpet beetles

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