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QUESTION: I started to see these little tiny (what appear to be black) bugs in the bathroom around the tub. One here and there..then the shower..and now my kitchen counter. I took a video of one walking along a baby shampoo bottle in my bathroom. I also have a macro picture which shows them actually as a brown color with a black band across its rear. Are they roaches? Beetles?

ANSWER: Dear Jamie - Although it could be a cockroach nymph (see for an example), the image in the video is not clear enough for me to be confident of an identification. Could you please attach your macro photo to a follow-up question?
Waiting to hear back,

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I was told it was a rhyparochromid nymph and it was nothing to worry about, but I wanted to make sure. TY

ANSWER: Dear Jamie - When I looked at the video a couple of more times in full-screen mode, I could see that the insect's antennae were more typical of a true bug than those of a cockroach, but I also could not see enough other detail to make a confident determination. The family Rhyparochromidae (dirt-colored seed bugs) certainly is a possibility, but I really would like to see another image.

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QUESTION: Were you able to view the still picture I took? You can certainly see it in detail there.
You will find the picture of it here:

There you can see the coloring. It was alive and moving as I took the picture and it was so small that this was the best I can get. Please let me know you were able to view the pic. thanks Saugy!

Dear Jamie - I was able to view your picture, and I'm afraid that placing it in the family Rhyparochromidae is about as far as you are going to get with it unless you run across an expert on that family. I personally do not know any, and there also appears to be a lack of identification guides to the nymphs of this family.
Sorry that I am unable to be of further assistance on this one,

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