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big black spider
big black spider  
I just recently moved into a home, in Florida. It had been empty for awhile so there was a spider issue. I had it sprayed, and the little ones are gone but now big ones are coming out of the attic. I have an 8 month old daughter and I'm terrified of her getting bitten, incase they are poisonous. One I saw is big and black, I do have a picture of that one. But the other I do not. It was big and brown, with a round big ball on its but, which had a smaller brown circle on that. Is there any way you can identify those, and possibly give me advice on getting rid of them?

Hi Kaitlyn
You experience with an exterminator shows that spraying is a waste of money sine you still have spiders. You cannot keep all spiders out of a house. The only thing you can do is kill them individually when you see one and try to keep insects out. Spiders are there because their food is there. Spiders do not go around looking for people to bite and do not do so unless handled. Your daughter is not in danger from the spiders you described. I can tell you that the one in the garage is not dangerous and the Brown one sounds like a harmless orb weaver. The only dangerous spider in Florida is the Black Widow and they are rarely found in houses.
 It is a buggy world and spiders are a part of it. You cannot let them control you life.
If you can get a photo of the brown send it to me  

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